2003 east west orchid show

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Climb Ev'ry Mountain
Estee Magid puts a paph in just the perfect place
Lighting Technicians
Jon Olssen (L) and Ted Augustyn (R) secure the lights in the columns
On the Precipice
Estee Magid and Alberto Ossa deploy orchids at the the top of the mountain while Sandra Sinanian continues to wrap the structure in paper
Hold On!
Sandra Sinanian really reaches to place moss on the display 
"Wall of Paphs" Takes Shape
Sandra Sinanian, Alberto Ossa, and Kristine Chaparro continue to work on the display while Alfred Hockenmaier deems which plants are worthy of judging
Critical Arrangements
Alberto Ossa and Estee Magid put the final touches on the Wall of Paphs while Kristine Chaparro looks on

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