2002 east west orchid show photos

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Building the Greenhouse of the Future...
Harry Sinanian secures the "future" part of the display as Dan Dickey provides some final touches. 
 Admiring their Handiwork
Carpenter extraordinaire Norm Franzle joins Harry Sinanian and Albert Ossa (top of stairs) in surveying the completed "morphing greenhouse".

Completed Display
The "morphing greenhouse" fully populated with over 100 beautiful orchids.

Looking Over
OSSC President Dan Dickey in front of the completed display of orchids.
Ribbons Galore!
Just some of the many ribbon awards earned by the orchids exhibited in the OSSC display.
Bird's-Eye View
Another view of the completed display.
Dripping With Orchids
The greenhouse structure gave ample opportunity to show off hanging orchids!
Splash of Color
Some of the beautiful purple Vandas and Cattleyas in the display.
Wall of Paphs
OSSC's trademark "Wall of Paphs" garnered many ribbon awards.
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