Here's a list of useful Web links for orchid enthusiasts:

index of links:

national orchid societies & publications

  • American Orchid Society -  Designed to offer an online introduction to the art and science of growing orchids, as well as a timely reference.  Publishes  several magazines as well as numerous books and pamphlets. Affiliated with the OSSC.
  • Orchid Digest - Quarterly magazine concerning the culture, growing, hybridization, use and appreciation of orchids, and the activities of orchid organizations.  Started as a mimeographed publication of the OSSC in the early 1950's.  Affiliated with the OSSC.

orchid conservation groups

  • Orchid Conservation Coalition - An organization that encourages donations to orchid conservation organizations through its 1% for Orchid Conservation program, in which OSSC is a participant.
  • Orchid Conservation Alliance - A non-profit organization that accepts donations toward international orchid conservation programs. OSSC made it's first donation to the OCA in 2008.
  • Orchid Recovery Program at Illinois University. Dedicated to the conservation of orchids in their native environment.

orchid databases

  • Jay Pfahl's Internet Orchid Photo Encyclopedia - A wonderful and ever-expanding resource for species orchids, many with photos, including cultural and taxonomic information. Now featuring over 10,000 species from over 750 genera.
  • The International Orchid Register - Search the massive hybrid orchid database maintained by The Royal Horticultural Society by genus and/or grex to determine the parents of your favorite orchids!
  • Orchid Picture Reference Database - A great resource created by the London Orchid Society (Ontario, Canada), this is a keyword-searchable database containing over 138,000 links to pictures found in over 1500 picture sources, including all of the AOS Bulletin/Orchids magazines from 1970 to the present and all of the AOS Awards Quarterly magazines up to the end of 2007 as well as general plant and garden books and many catalogues and popular magazines.
  • BibliOrchidea  - The world’s largest database for orchid literature with more than 160,000 entries, covering about 90 percent of the existing literature.
  • Swiss Orchid Foundation Database - Images of about 25,000 orchid specimen can be accessed via the Database Search.
  • NEW! Global Orchids Photo Database - 10,000 images in an indexed and browsable database.

orchid discussion groups

  • rec.gardens.orchids - Internet newsgroup with many active users.  (Don't have USENET support from your ISP?  Try this to access this group).
  • Orchid Board - Specialized orchid forums, online chats, culture tips, blogs, glossary, and more.  Requires free registration to use forums.
  • OrchidSpring Discussion Board - Maintained by Papua New Guinea Orchid News, an active board with specialized forums.
  • Houzz Orchid Forum - Somewhat active forum.
  • The Orchid Guide Digest - Internet listserver that generates a weekly digest of messages sent by subscribers. Also offers its information via an RSS feed.
  • - New Internet newsgroup focused on sharing pictures of orchids.  (A list of free and paid newsgroup readers and be found here).
  • - Web site to discussion of orchids, with specialized sections dedicated to orchid pests and identification.  User registration is free.
  • Garden Watchdog at Dave's Garden - A directory of gardening resources, including orchid vendors, with over 30,000 user comments rating over 6000 vendors.  A great resource before ordering online!
  • The Orchid Source - An orchid-centric forum with separate species and hybrid orchid galleries.
  • OrchidTalk Forum - Maintained by River Valley OrchidWorks, this forum requires free registration to post. Other features include an orchid FAQ page, an extensive orchid genus listing, repotting tips, etc.

general orchid sites

  • Linda's Orchid Page - Rich in information and resources for beginner, intermediate, and advanced growers.
  • The Orchid Column - Blog-style notes from the Fuqua Orchid Center of the Atlanta Botanical Center.
  • Types of Orchids: A Visual Compendium - Lots of photos of orchids showing the major subfamilies of orchids and their relationships.
  • NEW! The Orchid Resource - A fairly comprehenive source for orchid care, with advice on specific genera,and orchid  purchasing tips.
  • NEW! All About Orchids - A large collection of orchid glossaries, orchid facts and care sheets, orchid identification, and a section for beginners.

specialized orchid sites

  • Cymbidium Society of America - An international orchid society that specializes in Cymbidium, Paphiopedilum, and Phragmipedium species and hybrids. Website features information on orchid culture, local branches, a forum, and more.
  • - Pictures, culture, and links to vendors of paphiopedilum orchids.
  • Slipper Orchid Forum - An active forum dedicated to slipper orchids, with user polls and specialized merchandise, even slipper orchid games!
  • Papua New Guinea Orchid News - Comprehensive site with news, links, and many photos of orchids found in Papua New Guinea.
  • The Sobralia Pages - Taxonomy, Images, Habitat, Culture, AOS Awards, and plant / seed / flask sources.
  • The Stanhopea Pages - Taxonomy, Images, Habitat, Culture, AOS Awards, and plant / seed / flask sources.

orchid photography sites

lists of orchid links

  • The Orchid Mall - "Your Complete Online Orchid Resource Center" with extensive links to vendors, orchid culture sites, orchid societies and events, speakers, photographic sites, and special interests.  Also features orchid-related classified ads. 
  • Orchids Online Web Design - Links to Australian and USA vendors and orchid societies, plus an online auction and Web design services.
  • ORCHIDWIRE - A searchable database of links to 1455 orchid resources in 58 countries.
  • Orchid Agenda - A searchable database of U.S. orchid events, with a number of predefined searches.

california orchid societies on the web

california plant societies

California Garden Clubs - The largest nonprofit volunteer gardening organization in the state of California. An affiliation of over 250 garden clubs and plant societies throughout the state, CGCI represents more than 19,000 members.  Affiliated with the OSSC.

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