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We asked a few of our current and former OSSC officers to compile a list of their favorite orchid books, and their recommendations are found below.  If you buy a recommended book by clicking on the indicated link, OSSC will receive a (small) portion of the price of the book, at no additional expense to you.  If you would like to perform specialized searches for books for sale about orchids, please use these links:

Orchid Culture
Orchids for Beginners
Orchid Reference Books

If you would like to buy anything else from the Amazon site, please use the link found below ("In Association With"), as any purchase you make will benefit OSSC.

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recommendations from dan dickey, past president

Title/Author/Date Level

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Orchids Are Easy: A Beginner’s Guide to Their Care and Cultivation.
Gilland, Tom. 2000.
Orchids and Their Conservation.  
Koopowitz, Harold. 2001.
(Dr. Koopowitz is an OSSC member!)
Appell, Scott D., and Dency Kane. 2000.
Coffee Table

Bulbophyllums and Their Allies: A Grower's Guide.   Siegerist, Emily S. 2001.


Genera Orchidacearum: Orchidoideae. 
Pridgeon, Alec M., Phillip J. Cribb, Mark W. Chase and Finn N. Rasmusseun.(eds.). 2001.
Advanced, Reference


recommendations from alfred hockenmaier, past president

Vandas and Ascocendas and Their Combinations With Other Genera.
Grove, David L., Angela Mirro (Illustrator), Charles Marden Fitch (Photographer). 1995.
Phalaenopsis Culture: A Worldwide Survey.
Gordon, Bob. 1988.
Special Interest
Orchid Seedling Care (With Special Emphasis on Water Quality).
Gordon, Bob. 1991.


You Can Grow Orchids
Noble, Mary. 1987.


recommendations from david dassey, ossc librarian

Title/Author/Date Level

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You Can Grow Phalaenopsis Orchids.
Noble, Mary. 1994.
Beginner to Advanced
The Gardener's Guide to Growing Orchids.
Rittershausen, Wilma, Brian Rittershausen, Brain Rittershausen. 2001.
Beginner to Advanced
Miniature Orchids and How to Grow Them.
Northen, Rebecca Tyson. 1996.
Home Orchid Growing.
Northen, Rebecca Tyson. 1990.
Beginner to Advanced
The Manual of Cultivated Orchid Species.
Bechtel, Helmut, Phillip Cribb and Edmund Launert. 1992.
Manual of Orchids (New Royal Horticultural Society Dictionary).
Stewart, Joyce (Editor), Mark Griffiths (Editor), Royal Horticultural Society, Mark Grilliths (Editor)


recommendations from ted augustyn, past president

Title/Author/Date Level

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Taylor's Guide to Orchids : More Than 300 Orchids, Photographed and Described, for Beginning to Expert Gardeners. 
White, Judy. 1996.
Beginner to Advanced
The Illustrated Encyclopedia of Orchids.
Pridgeon, Alec. 1992.
Beginner to Advanced


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