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June 2024 Carol Beule A Country of Gardeners, Perfectionists and Tradition
May 2024 Mystery Guide Guided Tour of Thornton Gardens
Apr. 2024 Tim Culbertson Cochleanthes
Mar.2024 Carol Klonowski Chinese Paphiopedilums
Feb. 2024 Fred Clarke Catasetums
Jan. 2024 Carol Beule & James Roberts Deflasking Demonstration
Nov. 2023 Jack Zhu The Form and Color of Asian Cymbidiums
Oct. 2023 Donna Ballard How to Grow Orchids in a Dry Cliimate
Sept. 2023 Arthur Pinkers Orchids in Literature
July 2023 Betty P. Kelepecz Zygopetalum Species and Hybrids
May 2023 Doug Overstreet Integrated Pest Management for the Orchid House 2.0
Apr. 2023 James Roberts & Donna Ballard Deflasking and Breaking Up Compots
Mar. 2023 Carol Klonowski Orchids of South Africa
Feb. 2023 Tim Culbertson Holocoglossums: The Next Great Thing in Vandas
Jan. 2023 Peter Lin Dendrobiums and Their Culture
Nov. 2022 Fred Clarke Spotted and Splashed Cattleyas
Oct. 2022 Arnold Gum Sherlocking Orchids
Sep. 2022 Carol Beule, et. al. Repotting Clinic
Jul. 2022 Carol Beule Deflasking Zygopetalums
May 2022 Tim Culbertson Laelia anceps
Apr. 2022 Doug Overstreet Integrated Pest Management for the Orchid House, 2.0
Mar. 2022 Carol Kozlowski Tolumnias
Feb. 2022 Carol Beule Japan, and the Japan Fuukiran Society
Jan. 2022 Arnold Gum Cattleya (Guarianthe) skinneri
Dec. 2021 Theresa Hill Paphiopedilum charlesworthii
Nov. 2021 Ken Jacobsen Jensoa Cymbidiums
Oct. 2021 Tim Culbertson Miniature Catasetums
Sept. 2021 Donna Ballard Judging Peloric Orchids
July 2021 Peter Lin Compact Vandaceous Species and their Hybrids
June 2021 Alan Koch Dendrobiums
May 2021 Charles G. Wilson Bulbophyllums
Apr. 2021 David Edgley Novelty Phalaenopsis
Mar. 2021 Glen Decker My Life with Slippers
Feb. 2021 Fred Clarke Becoming an 80 Percentile Grower
Jan. 2021 Jim Heilig Habenaria
Nov. 2020 Alfred Hockenmaier The Art of Mounted Orchid Culture
Oct. 2020 Tim Culbertson Beautiful Miniature Vandaceous Orchids for Outdoors
Sept. 2020 Shawn Shumaker Angraecoid Orchids of the Old World
Aug. 2020 Frank Cervera Phragmipedium schlimii
July 2020 Brandon Tam Growing Stanhopeas Outdoors in Southern California
June 2020 Fred Clarke Australian Dendrobiums
May 2020 Jose Carlos Lopez The Four Seasons of Cattleyas
Apr. 2020 Peter Lin Brassavola Species and Their Hybrids
Mar. 2020 Doug Overstreet Greenhouse Pathogens and Pests and Their Remedies
Feb. 2020 Norman Fang New Color Forms of Phalaenopsis
Jan. 2020 Tim Culbertson Paphiopedilum Subgenus Parvisepalum
Nov. 2019 Donna Ballard Growing Under Lights
Oct. 2019 Tim Culbertson Amazing Soft-Leaved Orchids – the Pescatorea Alliance
Sep. 2019 Donna Ballard, Carol Beule, Douglas Overstreet, Arthur Pinkers. Marlyn Lee AOS Outreach Judging
Jul. 2019 Donna Ballard & Carol Beule Deflasking and Rehabilitation Workshop
May 2019 Peter Lin Dendrobiums
Apr. 2019 Harold Koopowitz Perfecting the Miniature Slipper Orchids
Mar. 2019 Steve Hampson Wild Orchids of China
Feb. 2019 Fred Clarke Trends in Cycnoches, Mormodes, and Catasetums
Jan. 2019 Pepe Portilla Orchids of Ecuador
Nov. 2018 Tim Culbertson Encyclias of Mexico & Beyond
Oct. 2018 Donna Ballard Growing and Judging Mini-Cattleyas
Sep. 2018 Arthur Pinkers Laelias
July 2018 Carol Beule and David Lafond Deflasking and Potting Up Demo
May 2018 AOS Judges AOS Judging
Apr. 2018 Phyllis Prestia European Terrestrial Orchids
Mar. 2018 Kiyoshige Negi Neofinetia falcata
Feb. 2018 Douglas Overstreet Setting Up a Beginning Greenhouse
Jan. 2018 Peter Lin Species Orchids
Nov. 2017 Carol Beule The Genus Lycaste
Oct. 2017 Tim Culbertson Growing Paphiopedilums
Sep. 2017 Wayne Farrell Australian Dendrobiums
July 2017 Carol Beule
Richard Rothschild
Deflasking and Potting Up Demos
May 2017 Donna Ballard
David LaFond
Harry Sinanian
Phalaenopsis Workshop
Apr. 2017 Peter Lin Orchids for Every Time of the Year
Mar. 2017 Scott Barrie Latest Developments at Barrita Orchids: Cymbidiums and Sarcochilus


Feb. 2017 Douglas Overstreet Integrated Pest Management for the Orchid House
Jan. 2017 Barb Schmidt Oncidiums
Nov. 2016 OSSC's "Council of Experts" Your Mission: Rescue These Orchids
Oct. 2016 Tim Culbertson Sobralias for SoCal
Sep. 2016 Carol Beule The Genus Sarcochilus, its Charm and Ease of Growth
July 2016

Dan Johnson,

 Douglas Overstreet

Tour of the Thornton Conservatory of the Huntington Botanical Gardens

May 2016 Brandon Tam Special Tour of the Orchid House of The Huntington Botanical Gardens
May 2016 David Dassey Orchid Diseases
Apr. 2016 Douglas Overstreet Approaching the Monster: Dividing and Repotting a Large Orchid
Mar. 2016 Ken Cameron Around the World in 40 Orchids: Travels of an Orchidologist
Feb. 2016 David Dassey Phals (Presentation Created by Orchid Digest)
Jan. 2016 Charles Boco An Evening of Fun with Orchid Photography
Nov. 2015 Alberto Ossa Decorating with Orchids
Oct. 2015 Tim Culbertson Laelia purpurata: Hail to the Queen
Sep. 2015 Doug Overstreet Getting Ready for the BIG Show
July 2015 Dr. Kristen Uthus Neofinetia, their Culture, History and Mystique
May 2015 Peter Lin 12 Months of Orchids – Building a Collection with Blooms Every Month of the Year
Apr. 2015 Jim Rose Lycastes
Mar. 2015 David Dassey A presentation by Paul and Ann Tuskes: "Phalaenopsis: The Species And Their Culture"
Feb. 2015 Tim Culbertson What Is a Maudiae Paph and Why Should I Grow One?
Jan. 2015 Phyllis S. Prestia, Ed.D. Orchids of Madagascar
Nov. 2014 Various Speakers Q & A with OSSC's Own Experts
Oct. 2014 Sandra Tillisch Svoboda Awards: Certificates of Cultural Merit
Sep. 2014 Carol Beule Tokyo Dome Show 2014, and Design Elements of Japan
July 2014 Phyllis S. Prestia, Ed.D. The Genus Catasetum
May 2014 Bryce Augustine Orchid Propagation from A to Z
Apr. 2014 Michael Sinn Venezuelan Cattleyas and their Culture
Mar. 2014 Doug Overstreet Expert Cultural Advice on Growing & Repotting Many Species of Orchids
Feb. 2014 George Hatfield Cymbidiums
Jan. 2014 Fred Clarke Australian Dendrobiums
Nov. 2013 Harold Koopowitz  The History of Paphs
Oct. 2013 Wayne Farrell Temperature Tolerant Vandaceous Orchids
Sep. 2013 Peter Lin Orchids Alfresco
July 2013 Glenn Lehr Orchids and People of Japan
May 2013 Brandon Tam Tour of the Orchid Greenhouse at the Huntington
Apr. 2013 George Vazquez The New Phalaenopsis & How to Grow Them
Mar. 2013 Doug Overstreet Dividing and Repotting Large Orchids
Feb. 2013 Ron Parsons Looking Closely at Miniature Orchid Species
Jan. 2013 Theresa Hill Miltoniopsis at Hillsview Gardens
Nov. 2012 Doug Overstreet How to Build Your Orchid Collection
Oct. 2012 Arnold Gum Chasing the Perfect Multifloral Paphiopedilum
Sep. 2012 Mark Sullivan Introduction to Orchid Cultivation
Jul. 2012 Ron Kaufmann Orchid Travels in Ecuador
May 2012 AOS Judges AOS Judging
Apr. 2012 Samantha Kha The Yellow Brick Road: An Overview of the Orchid Zone
Mar. 2012 Peter Lin Classic to Contemporary Splash Petal Cattleyas
Feb. 2012 George Hatfield How to Make an Orchid Hybrid
Jan. 2012 Wayne Farrell Laelia anceps: Its Habitat, Color Forms, and Hybrids
Nov. 2011 Arthur Pinkers Warm Tolerant Oncidium Generics; A Brief Survey
Oct. 2011 Doug Overstreet Growing Orchids Outdoors in Southern California
Aug. 2011 Peter Lin Neofinetia falcata and its Hybrids and other Vandaceous Orchids
Jul. 2011 Steve Champlin An Introduction to Brazilian Orchid Species
May 2001 Marni Turkel Less Is More: Small Orchids
Apr. 2001 George Hatfield Cymbidiums 101: Everything You Need to Know to Grow the Grand Champion
Mar. 2011 Dr. Randall Robinson Breeding Trends in Australian Cymbidiums
Feb. 2011 Norito Hasegawa What’s New in Paphiopedilums: an Overview
Jan. 2011 Rich Walton The Judge, the Hunter, the Thief, and the Black Orchid (Documentary Film)
Nov. 2010 Peter Lin The Three A’s of the Orchid World: Angraecum, Aerangis and Aeranthes
Oct. 2010

Alfred Hockenmaier

Mounted Orchids
Aug. 2010 James Rose  Lycastes
Jul. 2010 Rudolf Jenny The Subtribe Stanhopeinae
May 2010 Christopher Croom Orchid Polinators
Apr. 2010 Bruce Kidd Bruce's Orchid Wildlife Tour
Mar. 2010 Art Mendoza Cymbidium Care and Repotting
Feb. 2010 Jim Sloniker Grand Champion Cymbidiums of the Santa Barbara International Orchid Show
Jan.2010 George Hatfield 18th Australian Orchid Council Conference & Show
Nov. 2009 James Rose Laelia anceps and Its Hybrids
Oct. 2009 Mark Bentow The Native Orchids of Peru
Aug. 2009 Wayne Farrell Brazilian Bifoliate Cattelayas
Jul. 2009 Harold Koopowitz Mini Paphiopedilum Breeding
May 2009 Harry Phillips Marvelous Miniatures, Gems of the Orchid World
Apr. 2009 Tom Biggart Australian Dendrobiums and a Few Sarcochilus
Mar. 2009 Charles F. Weckerle-Thrun Cold Tolerant Orchids for Southern California
Feb. 2009 Loren Batchman Virus Prevention and Detection
Jan. 2009 Doug Overstreet Planning and Developing Your Orchid Collection
Nov. 2008 Francisco Ramos 40 Orchids Everyone Should Have In Their Greenhouse
Oct. 2008 Charles Johnson 2008 Chelsea Flower Show
Sep. 2008 Dan Dickey Grooming and Labeling Plants for Orchid Shows
Aug. 2008 Norman Fang Development of the Harlequin Phalaenopsis
Jun. 2008 Bob Gordon

Phalaenopsis  Problems and How to Solve Them

May 2008 Paul Gripp Sarcochilus: The Australian Phalaenopsis
Apr. 2008 Peter S. Tobias Orchid Conservation
Feb. 2008 Patrick O'Day Blc. Toshie Aoki and its Many Hybrids
Jan. 2008 Peter Lin Miniature Orchid Species, Tiny Wonders of the Orchid World
Nov. 2007 George Hatfield Highlights of the 2007 Tokyo Dome Show
Oct. 2007 Dr. Norito Hasegawa Phalaenopsis Species and their Influence on Hybrids
July 2007 Tim Nomer Digital Photos of Past Orchid Shows
May 2007 Dr. Joseph Arditti Rascals, Rogues, Rowdies, Rulers and other R’s
Apr. 2007 Peter Lin Mini-Cattleyas
Mar. 2007 Barton Mozlen Orchid Mounting Clinic
Feb. 2007 Ron Parsons Rare and Unusual Orchid Species
Jan. 2007 Dr. Leonid Averyanov Orchids of Viet Nam
Nov. 2006 Bill Ryan Mostly Orchids
Oct. 2006 Alberto Ossa How to Display Your Orchids at Home
Aug. 2006 Martin Motes Vandas
July 2006 Marguerite Webb Good Things Come in Small Packages
May 2006 Christopher Croom Fresh Peaches to New Car Interior: Orchid Species and Their Scents
Apr. 2006 Norito Hasegawa The Influence of Paphiopedilum Species on Their Hybrids
Mar. 2006 Dennis D’Alessandro Searching for Orchids in Borneo
Feb. 2006 Dan Dickey Orchid Culture
Jan. 2006 Robert Lauri California Native Orchids
Nov. 2005 Loren Batchman Plant Selection for Hybridization
Oct. 2005 Carol Siegel The Sex Life of Orchids
Sep. 2005 Fred Clarke New Hybrids with Catasetums, Cycnoches, and Mormodes
Jul. 2005 Kevin Hipkins Odontoglossums, their Culture and Breeding
May 2005 George Hatfield Tokyo Dome Orchid Show
Apr. 2005 Ernest Hetherington People, Plants, and Events that made California Orchid History
Mar. 2005 Mark Bentow Orchids of Belize as Seen in their Natural Growing Habitat
Feb. 2005 Don DeLano Alien Invaders!  Dealing With Orchid Pests and Problems
Jan. 2005 Dr. Ron Harlan Using Reverse Osmosis Water Purification to Maximize Success with Orchids
Nov. 2004 David Banks The World of Bulbophyllum Species
Oct. 2004 Allison Mia Starcher Alternatives to Pesticides: Introducing "Good Bugs" That Eat "Bad Bugs" But Not Your Plants! 
Sep. 2004 Jim Rowley Semi-Hydroponics™ and You
Jul. 2004 Peter Croezen Conservation Efforts in Peru & How To Deflask Orchids
May 2004 Hendrick van der Hoven Scenes from the African Bush: Some of the Beauties and the Beasts
Apr. 2004 Harold Koopowitz Chasing Phragmipediums in South America
Mar. 2004 Doug Conkin Recognizing Better Orchids
Feb. 2004 Jose "Pepe" Portilla Ecuadorian Orchids In Situ
Jan. 2004 Helmut Rohrl Warm Growing Onicidiinae
Nov. 2003 Dr. Joseph Arditti Survival! How and Why Orchids Survive in Nature.
Oct. 2003 Paul Gripp Outdoor Temperature-Tolerant Orchid Varieties for Southern California
Sep. 2003 Helen Congleton Parvisepalums - Slipper Orchids from China and Vietnam
Jul. 2003 Andrea Niessen Columbian Orchids
May 2003 Bob Gordon Phalaenopsis Culture
Apr. 2003 George Hatfield Pendulous Cymbidiums
Mar. 2003 Larry Moskovitz Dendrobiums of New Guinea
Feb. 2003 Bill Bergstrom Weird and Wonderful Species: Stanhopeas, Coryanthes, Gongoras, Bulbophyllums and Catasetinaes
Jan. 2003 Matt Swift Tolumnias, the Jewels of the Caribbean
Nov. 2002 Marilyn Levy The Eclectic Grower
Oct. 2002 Concepcion Ballado de Boyd Where Do Mexican Species Grow?
Sep. 2002 Doug Conkin Catasetums and Maxillarias
Jul. 2002 Ned Nash Modern Rhyncostylis Hybrids
May 2002 Roy Tokunaga Hybridizing with Sc Beauford and How Tetraploids Have Revolutionized Mini-catt Hybrids
Apr. 2002 George Vasquez New Trends in Phalaenopsis Breeding
Mar. 2002 Harold Koopowitz Chasing Wild Phrags in Ecuador
Feb. 2002 Dan Dickey The Science and Art of Orchid Repotting
Jan. 2002 Dr. Alfred Lau Orchids of Mexico and Central America
Nov. 2001 Caroline Howse Orchids in the Home
Oct. 2001 Mark Zierten What Your Orchids are Trying to Tell You
Sep. 2001 Catherine Lee Examples of Cultural Excellence
Jul. 2001 Pamela Koide Reforestation in the Golden Triangle
May 2001 David Banks Tropical Orchids of Southeast Asia
Apr. 2001 Peter Baxter An Overview of the Genus Cattleya in Brazil
Mar. 2001 Paul Neumann (written by Ned Nash) Unusual Orchids That You Can See With the Naked Eye
Feb. 2001 Norito Hasegawa What's New in Paphs?
Jan. 2001    
Nov. 2000    
Oct. 2000    
Sep. 2000    
Jul. 2000    
May 2000 Yves Aubry Orchids of Malasia
Apr. 2000 Karen Muir Orchid Judging in Japan
Mar. 2000 Howard Liebman Growing Orchids in Los Angeles
Jan. 2000 Ramona Wilson Cattleya Walkeriana
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Nov. 1996 Bob Gordon Phalaenopsis
Oct. 1996 Red Marsh Species Cattleyas
Sep. 1996 Jimi Fox Food for Thought
Jul. 1996    
May 1996 Don Herman Highlights from the Top Orchid Shows of the Orient
Apr. 1996 Charles Weckerle-Thrun New Lines in Miniature Cymbidium Breeding
Mar. 1996 Red Marsh Cattleya Species
Jan. 1996 Howard Liebman Spectacular Cyrtochiliums
Feb. 1995 Doug Conkin Blooming Orchids for the Holidays
Nov. 1995 Ludwig Swart Warm-Growing African Species
Oct. 1995 Fred Hillerman Culture and Enjoyment of the Angraecoids
Sep. 1995 Paul Gripp Where Orchids Grow
Jul. 1995 Norman Fang Oncidium Alliance Intergeneric Hybrids
May 1995 Walter Teague Orchids in the Wild
Apr. 1995 Fred Paget Catasetums: Everthing You Ever Wanted to Know
Mar. 1995 Harold Koopowitz Orchids of Central and Southern Africa
Jan. 1995 Roland Nakayama The Search for Color in the Land of Silver and Green: My Three Week Trip to Ecuador
Nov. 1994 Mark Webb Saranthina Orchids
Oct. 1994 Shirley Tam Chinese Cymbidium Species
Sep. 1994 Ginny Worthington Oncidium excavatum
Jul. 1994 (Special Meeting) Orchid Judging Seminar
May 1994 Paul Bechtel Slide Presentation
Apr. 1994 Lucille Razkoff Brazilian Orchid Species
Mar. 1994    
Jan. 1994 Richard Turner Australian Orchid Species
Feb. 1993 Jerry Rehfield Oncidium and Miltonia
Nov. 1993 Rebecca Northen Unusual Orchid Species
Oct. 1993 Joyce Stewart South African Orchid Species
Sep. 1993 Ramona Wilson Miniature and Compact Cattleya Hybridazation
Jul. 1993 George Vasquez The Japan Orchid Show and the Glasgow World Orchid Congress
May 1993 Norito Hasegawa The Influence of Paphiopedilum Species on Their Hybrids
Apr. 1993 Everett Stockstill Best Cymbidiums of 1992
Mar. 1993 Harry Chittick An 'Inside' Journey to the Rain Forests of Central America
Jan. 1993 Red Marsh Orchids of Borneo and Sumatra
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Apr. 1991 Jim Rassmann Masdevallias of the San Francisco Conservatory -The Flower Photography of Jeff Zanetto
Mar. 1991    
Jan. 1991    

(Biographical information for select speakers can be found here).

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