president's message

Photo of OSSC President Erin Maxick

May 2018

How does your garden grow? Hopefully you have many gorgeous blooming orchids gracing your greenhouse, yard or home! I myself just finished renovating the 7’x13’ greenhouse that came with the house my husband and I bought in January. I couldn’t be more thrilled! There will always be more to do but it’s a wonderful feeling of accomplishment just getting to this point. Now to start cleaning and repotting my 200 orchids! Oh my!

What a fabulous talk Phylis Prestia gave on European terrestrial orchids last month. I felt like I’d been on vacation with her! I know we were all impressed with her photo taking abilities and adventures on the narrow winding roads she encountered! Don’t you wish you could hop to France yourself to seek out some sweet roadside orchids? I sure do!

Looking forward, our meeting this month will be a unique one and is a very special opportunity to learn how American Orchid Society orchid judging works. Perhaps after this meeting you’ll all feel more inclined to submit your blooming plants at a local judging! Don’t forget to bring your orchids in bloom to the meeting to be looked at by our esteemed judges. You may be pleasantly surprised by what they say!!

Lastly, be sure to read the wonderful article entitled “Re-blooming Phals” that member David Lafond wrote for us. You can find it in the "OSSC News in Brief" section of our home page and in this newsletter. Thanks David.

I’m wishing you all a very happy season full hearty roots and abundant blooms!

Erin Maxick

erin’s fun fact:

In it’s very early days the American Orchid Society commissioned Blanche Ames, an artist, political activist, inventor, writer and prominent supporter of women’s suffrage, to design a medallion to be given as an AOS award.

Blanche modeled the American Indian pictured on the award on her son Oliver, and he is seen gazing on orchid blossoms. Today, her motif adorns the seal of the society as well as its gold medal of achievement, which was first awarded in 1924 —to Blanche and Oakes Ames.

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