president's message

September 2021

Photo of Ryan LangtonHi orchid growers! As usual, there was no meeting in August (virtual or otherwise), but in lieu of that we pulled off a plant sale -- a first for our society. While our treasurer, Wendy, will have the official tally, I believe when all was said and done we brought in over $2,000, all of which goes toward helping the society run. Thank you all so much for the different ways you contributed -- and there were so many ways! From plant donations from society members, to advertising on social media, to delivering plants, to babysitting donated plants for months on end, to helping virus test plants the day before the sale, to buying plants to restock your own collection -- everyone contributed in their own way and we are all so appreciative. We gained a few new memberships and had several youthful enthusiasts attend the sale. People came from far and wide (Oxnard, Orange County, Pomona) and our first customer arrived a full 40 minutes before the sale even began. Whether or not we hold a sale like this again remains to be seen, but this one, for sure, was a success.

 Despite the ever-changing public health situation we are all living through, we still plan on meeting in person in September and running the meeting much like we did in July. A Zoom link will be sent out via email so those who would like to tune in to the speaker will be able to watch from home. And we'll continue our social distancing and mask-wearing at the meeting. Please know that we would love to have you join us, whether in person or virtually.

I hope your orchids enjoyed our couple days of cool, drizzly weather this month. What a treat!

Hope to see you all soon!


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