2003 east west orchid show

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Follow the Yellow Brick Road
But don't trip on the profusion of orchids!
"Wall of Paphs"
OSSC continues a great tradition by presenting its trademark display of paphs
Top Of the World
Celebrating the many awards the OSSC display won at the rooftop awards presentation ceremony are (L to R) Ted Augustyn, Joe Herbert, Alberto Ossa, Alfred Hockenmaier, Estee Magid, Jon Tjandra, and Larry Freeman 
Guiding Forces
Committee chairs Ted Augustyn, Alberto Ossa, Estee Magid, and Alfred Hockenmaier (L to R)
I've Got It!
Kristine Chaparro and Dan Howell (lower) stand ready to carry off  the pieces of the Emerald City as it is disassembled by (L to R, upper) Harry Sinanian, Ted Augustyn, Lev Lahav, and Jon Olssen
And the Walls Came A-Tumblin' Down
Thanks to the efforts of (L to R) Jan Olssen and Lev Lahav

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