2006 southland orchid show

There are three pages of photographs from this event.  Photos taken by Rita Desilets and Ted Augustyn.  Click on the picture to see a large version of the photo.  Use the links at the top and bottom of the page to navigate to the additional pages.  
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Everything In It's Place
Estee Magid, Krystine Chapparo, and Benny Lahav make last-minute adjustments to the plants displayed.
And It's Done!
Alberto Ossa puts the final touches on the display while Estee Magid and Benny Lahav look on.
The Final Product
The mad scientist works on creating a truly "monstrous" orchid.
A Most Unusual Flower
An underside view of a bloom on the Alfred Hockenmaier's award-winning Pleurothallis plectinata 
Surrounded By Beauty
A rear view of the mad scientist labors in his lab, surrounded by almost 100 beautiful orchids.
Another Award
Alberto Ossa accepts the The Orchid Digest Show Trophy for Best Display from Editor in Chief Harold Koopowitz.
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