2006 southland orchid show

Click here to see a large photo of the OSSC display. As it has every year since its inception, OSSC again participated in the Southland Orchid Show, held the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens. This was the second year to hold this show in this venue, and many of the little problems that cropped up the first year were dealt with effectively by the Southland Orchid Show Committee. This year's theme was "All Hallowed Orchids", and our volunteers realized the theme with a mad scientist laboring in his lab to create the perfect, but truly monstrous, orchid. The show ran from Friday, October 20 through Sunday, October 22.

OSSC’s display garnered many awards and ribbons, including the following:

  • The Orchid Digest Show Trophy for Best Display, awarded by the Orchid Digest Corporation
  • The Ernest Hetherington Trophy for Best Display of Show
  • The Fordyce “Red” Marsh Memorial Trophy for Best Species Orchid of Show, awarded to Alfred Hockenmaier's Pleurothallis plectinata.

Pictures showing the construction and completion of this display can be found here.

Click here to see a large photo of OSSC's Southland Orchid Show awards. In addition to the society’s awards, there were a number of individuals’ plants in the OSSC display that won ribbons in the judging. A listing of all 29 awarded plants follows, and the society offers its collective congratulations to all 5 of our winning plant growers!
Plant Awards Owner
Pleurothallis plectinata The Fordyce "Red" Marsh Memorial Trophy for Best Species Orchid of Show, CCM/AOS, CBR/AOS, 1st Alfred Hockenmaier
Dgmra. Winter Wonderland 'White Fairy' Best of Class, 1st Charles & Norma Johnson
Vuyl. Melissa Brianne 'Shady Lady' Best of Class, 1st Charles & Norma Johnson
Brs Unnamed (Brs. Rex x verrucosa) Best of Class, 1st Hoa Nguyen
Onc. onustum Best of Class, 1st Hoa Nguyen
Onc. Sniffin 'Jennifer Dauro' Best of Class, 1st Hoa Nguyen
Den. Unnamed (Den. Betty Gold x Gooldii Blue No. 2) Best of Class, 1st Tommy & Maria Yee
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Pulsar x Cyberspace) AM/AOS, 1st Paphanatics
Lc. Tristar Bouquet (Lc. Rosette Warland x C. Chocolate Drop) 1st Charles & Norma Johnson
Lc. Angel Heart 'Nora' 1st Hoa Nguyen
Paph. Clair de Lune 1st Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Nightfire x charlesworthii) 'Jamboree Rose' 1st Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Ruby Mist x Macabre) 'Jamboree Spots' 1st Paphanatics
Bc. Unnamed (B. cordata x C. Box Alba) 1st Tommy & Maria Yee
Slc. India Rose Sherwood 'Kiilani' 1st Tommy & Maria Yee
Ascda. John De Biase 2nd Alfred Hockenmaier
Blc George Kings 'Serendipity' (Mendenhall x Lou Gilmore) 2nd Charles & Norma Johnson
Blc. Golden Slipper 'Caliph of Bagdad' 2nd Hoa Nguyen
Blc. William John Nawa 'Lisa' 2nd Hoa Nguyen
Paph. George Bernard Alex (Paph. tonsum x violascens) 2nd Paphanatics
Paph. Hot Spots 2nd Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Emulate x Dragon Flag) 2nd Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Ruby Leopard x Macabre) 2nd Paphanatics
Colm. Wildcat 'Perfume Lily' 2nd Tommy & Maria Yee
Scaphosepalum verrucosum 3rd Alfred Hockenmaier
Brsdm. Henry Melzer 'Fangtastic' (Brsdm. Longlen 'Bill Switzer' x Brs. Rex) 3rd Charles & Norma Johnson
C. bowringiana 3rd Hoa Nguyen
Paph. Pinocchio 3rd Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. henryanum x tigrinum) 3rd Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. Ruby Cicada x (Laser x Ruby Leopard)) 3rd Paphanatics
Paph. Unnamed (Paph. concolor x Wellesleyanum) 3rd Paphanatics

Under the direction of OSSC Ribbon Judging Chair Alberto Ossa, the following members (and some spouses!) contributed to the creation (and eventual dismantling) of OSSC’s display:

  • Alberto Ossa
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Benny & Esther Lahav
  • Bill Henderson
  • Carol Beule
  • Estee Magid
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Krystine Chapparo
  • Linus Bittner
  • Michael Scarbrock
  • Rita Desilets
  • Robert Keasler
  • Ted Augustyn

In addition, the following members contributed plants toward our award-winning display:

  • Alfred Hockenmaier
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Carol Beule
  • Charles & Norma Johnson
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Krystine Chapparo
  • Linus Bittner
  • Michael Scarbrock
  • Ned Daniger
  • Paphanatics
  • Robert Keasler
  • Ted Augustyn
  • Tommy & Maria Yee

One last group of people needs to be recognized: the OSSC members who volunteered to help run the show by working in the "plant hotel" and information booths. OSSC supplied almost 1/3 of all the manpower dedicated to these tasks, and their names are listed here:

  • Ted Augustyn
  • Linda Bailey
  • Krystine Chapparo
  • David Dassey
  • Rita Desilets
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Mary Hoffman
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Bobbi Palmatory
  • Susan Roberts
  • Jeff Shewmon
  • Norma Skinner
  • Maria Yee
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