2005 southland orchid show

There are three pages of photographs from this event.  Photos taken by Rita Desilets and Ted Augustyn.  Click on the picture to see a large version of the photo.  Use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate to the additional pages.

Getting There!
Alberto Ossa places one of the last orchids in the central column while Estee Magid suggests it's placement.  
Cascades of Spanish Moss
To "soften" the hard edges of the central column, Alberto Ossa dresses the lip with a generous amount of Spanish moss.
Finishing Touches
Astrid Ferency adjusts the position of one of the orchids arranged on the floor around the central column.
Two Presidents Meet
Southland Orchid Committee President Brenda Ward stops by to check out our display and chat with OSSC President Michael Scarbrock.
To the Bitter End
The display is completed just before the deadline, thanks to the efforts of many OSSC members and their friends.  Michael Scarbrock, Astrid Ferency, Alberto Ossa, Ted Augustyn, and Benny Lahav (l. to r.) were there until the bitter end.
And Yes, He Did Work
Photographic evidence that OSSC President Michael Scarbrock "cleaned up" at this year's effort!
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