2005 southland orchid show

Click for a LARGE version of this picture! As it has every year since its inception, OSSC again participated in the Southland Orchid Show, held this year for the first time at the Huntington Library, Art Collection, and Botanical Gardens, which turned out to be a great venue. This year's theme was "Orchid Muse", and our volunteers realized the theme with a trio of overscale muses dancing around a massive column in a “garden” of orchids. The show ran from Friday, October 21 through Sunday, October 23, 2005.

OSSC’s display garnered many awards, including the following:

  • Most Outstanding Orchid Exhibit, awarded by The American Orchid Society,
  • Best Display, awarded by the Orchid Digest Corporation,
  • The Huntington Trophy for Best Theme of Show, awarded by the Southland Orchid Show Committee,
  • Best Paphiopedilum Display, awarded by the Cymbidium Society of America,
  • the new Gordon Clayton Memorial Award for Best Paphiopedilum or Phragmipedium, awarded by the Southland Orchid Show Committee,
  • Bronze Award for Best Society Display over 50 Square Feet, awarded by the Southland Orchid Show Committee.

Pictures showing the construction and completion of this display can be found here.

Click here for a LARGE version of this photo!
In addition to the society’s awards, there were a record number of individuals’ plants in the OSSC display that won ribbons in the judging. A listing of all 39 awarded plants follows, and the society offers its collective congratulations to all 11 of our winning plant growers!
Awarded Plant Award Owner
Paph Norita Hawagawa Best of Section, AOS HCC, CSA Bronze Norito Hasegawa
Phrag Jason Fischer Best of Class, 1st Alfred Hockenmaier
Cym Dutchman's Gold Best of Class, 1st Art Mendoza
Ornithophora radicans Best of Class, 1st Doug Conkin
Aerangis distincta 1st Doug Conkin
Psychopsis Mendenhall 'Hildos' 1st Hoa Nguyen
Blc Richard Mueller 1st Marissa Mitchell
Blc George King 'Serendipity' 1st Ned Daniger
Paph Knight's Crown 1st Norito Hasegawa
Paph Unnamed (Hellas x Voodoo Magic) 1st Norito Hasegawa
Angraecum leonis 1st Steve Myers
Paph praestans 1st Steve Myers
Paph Unnamed (P. S. Gratix x P. Double Shot) CSA Bronze, 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Blc Arthur Bossin 'Rapture' 2nd Alfred Hockenmaier
Dend Unknown 2nd Charles & Norma Jean Johnson
Pot Red Crab 'Kuan-miao' 2nd Hoa Nguyen
Cochleanthes Lip Blush 2nd Michael Scarbrock
Lc Stephen Oliver Fouraker 'Big Boy' 2nd Ned Daniger
Paph Frostlight Spring Lilac 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Unnamed ({Clair de lune x Rudy Leopard} Great x Macabre 'Wings') 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Lake Shinsei 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Kevin Porter 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Unnamed (Hampshire Raven x Impulse) 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Unnamed (Wawona Maiden x Emerald Sea) 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph charlesworthii Pink Moonlight' 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Lynlieigh Koopowitz 'Pink Maiden' 2nd Norito Hasegawa
Chysis Langleyensis 2nd Steve Myers
Paph Maudiae 'The Queen' 2nd Steve Myers
Blc Mem. Crispin Rosales 'Behold' 2nd Steve Myers
Pot Egyptian Queen 'Black Diamond' 3rd Alfred Hockenmaier
Vascostylis Banjohn Elite 'Ben' 3rd Doug Conkin
Epi marmoratum 3rd Marissa Mitchell
Paph Peachie Sea Shell 3rd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Fumi's Delight 'Butter' 3rd Norito Hasegawa
Paph Mem. Larry Hever 'Lance' 3rd Norito Hasegawa
Paph George Bernard Alex (tonsum 'Toodeloo' x violascens 'Victory') 3rd Norito Hasegawa
Lc Clayton Wagley 3rd Richard Krug
Paph Alma Cavarit 'Madame Maurice Mortons' 3rd Steve Myers
Paph Unnamed (barbayam x villosum) 3rd Steve Myers
Paph Unnamed (Paph Norito Hasegawa x James Bacon) CSA Bronze Norito Hasegawa
Paph Unnamed (Moy Lim Gum x Via Quantal) CSA Bronze Norito Hasegawa

Under the direction of OSSC Ribbon Judging Chair Alberto Ossa, the following members (and their spouses!) contributed to the creation (and eventual dismantling) of OSSC’s display:

  • Ted Augustyn
  • Dixon Chang
  • Krystine Chaparro
  • Rita Desilets
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Norm Franzle
  • Jimmy Gallagher
  • Bill Henderson
  • Benny Lahav
  • Estee Magid
  • Marissa Mitchell
  • Alberto Ossa
  • Michael Scarbrock
  • Harry Sinanian
  • Sandra Sinanian

In addition, the following members contributed plants toward our award-winning display:

  • Alfred Hockenmaier
  • Art Mendoza
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Charles & Norma Jean Johnson
  • Doug Conkin
  • Estee Magid
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Lina Natividad
  • Marissa Mitchell
  • Michael Scarbrock
  • Ned Daniger
  • Norito Hasegawa
  • Richard Krug
  • Rita Desilets
  • Rose & Vlado Fistrovic
  • Steve Myers
  • Ted Augustyn

One last group of people needs to be recognized: the OSSC members who volunteered to help run the show by working in the "plant hotel" and information booths. OSSC supplied almost 1/3 of all the manpower dedicated to these tasks, and their names are listed here:

  • Ted Augustyn
  • Linda Bailey
  • Krystine Chaparro
  • Rita Desilets
  • Kathy Dupree
  • Astrid Ferency
  • Lumi Guy
  • Marissa Mitchell
  • Hoa Nguyen
  • Bobbi Palmatary
  • Susan Roberts
  • Ginny Sills
  • Lyle Wiedeman
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